BYOB York Staff

Victoria Simon, Director
Andrea Herrmann, Treasurer
Carole Auger Richard
Carol Davis
Chris Hartwell, Communications
Anastasia Maertens
Judith McAllister
Sarah Lakeman, NRCM Liaison

Special Thank Yous

BYOB York educational activities were partially funded by a generous grant from:

New England Grassroots Evironmental Fund

Our campaign to achieve a single-use plastic bag ordinance in York, was helped by the Natural Resouces Council of Maine through strategic advice and assistance with mailings and telephone calls for the campaign.


Rethink your family's
consumption of plastics.


Take the Pledge Today!

I pledge to help York reduce plastic bag waste by using reusable bags when I shop.

Keep trying. A new habit can take a while to become routine, but you will feel so good when you do it!

About Bring Your Own Bag York

Mission: To reduce environmental hazards from single-use plastic bags, BYOB York will work to achieve a town-wide commitment to shift from single-use bags to reusable ones.


How We Got Started: One day in 2013, some members of the steering committee of Seacoast Citizen Action Network were talking about how some of us regularly take reusable bags to the grocery store and some have never done it. Others were doing it some times but more often not. We talked about some of the issues we knew about plastic bags. Someone pointed out that she takes all her bags and other plastics to Hannaford for recycling, but no one was quite sure if they really got recycled or not (we since found out they are 100% recycled!).

Fold up bags
We love these fold/roll up bags!
Small enough to pop into a
purse or pocket and sturdy enough
to carry 25-40 pounds each.
Visit our Reusable Bags page for buying info.

While we were aware that there had been previous attempts as well as a current attempt to pass a bill in the Maine Legislature to prohibit plastic bag distribution at the state level (it did not get out of committee in 2013), we were also hearing of more and more towns and cities taking it upon themselves to ban plastic bags rather than wait until it could be achieved at the state level. We discussed whether we thought York would be a community that could get behind a ban on plastic bags. We discussed how some people found them very convenient and used them to line trash cans or pick up dog poop or reused them in other ways (although most times giving them only a second use before winding up in the trash) and probably would be resistent to a ban on them. Others noted that they frequently saw people shopping with reusable bags but not many at any one time.

bag display tableAs a small group of York residents, we decided we would try and help ourselves and others in our community understand the why and how of this growing movement away from plastic bags. It seemed to us that the first step in solving the problem is education of the issues.

We think you will find the information on this website helpful in learning more about the issues associated with plastic bags. We hope it will inspire you:

  • to break the bag habit or at least reduce the use of plastic bags,
  • to recycle the plastic bags you do get and other sources of plastic films and wraps,
  • and inspire others to do the same.

To get you on your way to breaking your plastic bag habit, we've put together some online resources for buying reusable bags.