Where to Get Reusable Bags

recycleReduce, Reuse, and Recycle

You've heard the phrase—reduce, reuse, and recycle—and maybe sung the song with your kids. Those are the words to remember when it comes to plastic bags. You can reduce the number of plastic bags your family adds to the piles of waste in this country by refusing plastic bags when you shop, switching to reusable bags, and recycling those plastic bags that do come into your household.

Think reusable bags are boring or inconvenient?

There are many places to buy reusable bags, including your local super markets and retail stores. You might also find great bags around your home that were handed out at conventions, community or business events, or the like. Below we show some of the many types of reusable bags our members have found and provide some links to the world of reusable bags.

Sources for Reusable Bags

We highly recommend visiting local retailers for reusable bags for consumer use. Below are some online resources.

three beets bag display

Three Beets creates a line of handmade reusable bags perfect for shopping, food storage or a lovely gift.
Made in York.
Ecobags String Bags

Ecobags www.ecobags.com/
Bulk Ordering Resources

Enviro-Tote LogoWe a found a made in the USA resource called: Enviro-Tote. Enviro-Tote is located in Bedford, NH and can work with you to create a product for your business or group.
Did you like the bags BYOB York used to promote reusables?

We purchased them from Bulletin Bag in Scarborough, ME. Very responsive and great overall service.

BYOB York Reusable Bags

BYOB York Promotional Bags
Source: BulletinBag.com

chico bags
Chico Bags www.chicobag.com
Envirosax fabric rollup bag
Envirosax (Now called Omnisax) http://www.envirosax.com/

Omnisax Shop on ConservingNow.com (Profits go to providing free classroom resources)

Sample Enviro-Tote Bags
Medina Mercantile Market Basket

Medina Mercantile Market Baskets

Want to try and win or earn a free bag or learn how to make your own? Visit the Green Bag Lady greenbaglady.blogspot.com/