Resources for Bag Activists

This page will be developed further after the implementation of the bag ordinance. We will have word, publisher, and other types of documents that can be used as inspiration for your needs.

In the meantime, look over our site. You can also find helpful info at the following:

Natural Resources Council of Maine, toolkit for Reusable Bag Ordinance campaigns

The following cities share helpful materials on their programs: Newburyport, MA, Sacramento, CA, Austin, TX

United Nations Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities

Bag It! A must-see movie for motivating activists and inspiring viewers to think about plastic bags and more.

BYOB York educational activities were partially funded by a generous grant from:

New England Grassroots Evnironment Fund

BYOB York Ordinance Campaign Materials

Below are links to files that we used to promote our campaign for reusable bags. You are free to use these materials and modify as you wish for your campaign. Except as noted with a source, the photo credits are not known but available on numerous websites without credit in anti-plastic campaigns.

Campaign Banner
Banner Design Idea (jpg)
Use for Farmers' Markets, Events, and More

sample business card
A Business Card Idea (pdf)
To promote your website or Facebook pages, contact info, tips for reusable bags at events, meetings, etc.

Half Page Letter Size - Post Card Mailer Sent about a week before vote. (pdf) (publisher)
Canvassing Leaflet or Palm Card Used in Door to Door Campaign (PDF)    (Publisher)