Other Resources for Educators

Bag It!Show the movie: Bag It! A must-see movie for motivating activists and inspiring viewers to think about plastic bags and more. [Note: BYOB York has purchased a copy of "Bag It!" which we would be happy to loan to local educators for classroom use. Contact us.]

US EPA Education Materials for Teachers on Recycling

Resources for Educators

ConservingNow.com Free Car Window Static Cling Reminder
Consumers: Get a free static
cling sticker to help remind you
to put your bags in the car.
Click image above.
ConservingNow Classroom Education Kit Ad
Teachers: ConservingNow offers
classroom kits for schools.
To learn more, click above.
Chico Bags' Bag Monster in Classroom
Fund-raisers: How about selling
reusable bags instead of candy or
giftwrap? Chico Bags has a
fund-raiser program that includes
Bag Monster Costume made of 500
plastic bags — the average number used
per person each year in the USA.