Resources for Retailers, Consumers, Lodging Providers, Educators
and Bag Activists

BYOB York is pleased to assist the Town of York with implementation of the new bag ordinance which will take effect March 1, 2016.

Below are resources we hope you will find helpful.

a toolbox

Resources for Retailers

With some planning there are ways to comply with the ordinance and benefit your staff and customers and your bottom line. Visit our Retailers' page for a Toolkit for Implementation especially for York businesses. We've also created messaging for a sign that could be used in a store window or at the checkout counter.

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York Area Girl Scouts with T-Shirt Bags

Resources for Consumers

Visit our Consumers Page for information on the ordinance and tips for transitioning to reusable bags. It includes some ideas for new sources of free bags for pet waste and details about which businesses are included and more.

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Nubble Light

Resources for York Lodging Providers

Most hotels, motels, B&Bs, rental agencies and private owners who provide lodging to York visitors will not be directly impacted by the ordinance. Visit our Lodging Providers page for tips on how you can inform your guests and help them embrace the new ordinance, including some suggested signage.

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bag monster in the classroom

Resources for Educators

Please visit our Educators' page for online resources on issues surrounding plastic bags and other environmental issues.

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BYOB York table at York Farmers Market

Resources for Bag Activists

Looking to reduce plastic bags where you live? We hope that people from other towns seeking to reduce plastic bag use where they live, will find ideas and materials useful to their efforts from our site. We will be adding copies of some of our educational materials and bag campaign materials soon and links to online resources for bag activists which were helpful to us.

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